Month: March 2021



    Warning – this post is depressing and contains thoughts and feelings which need to be voiced. This was a part purpose of this blog. Read on if you are truly interested otherwise check out some other recipes. This will start as a piece of free writing. I have a semblance of an idea  – not […]

  • Not to worry – Chips & Curry

    Not to worry – Chips & Curry

    An aspect of healthy eating that hasn’t gone unnoticed on me is the disappointment when you yearn for a dish and finally partake. I have written extensively on the “thought of” versus “the reality”. Some foods leave me physically ill when I have purged myself of all the ‘additives’. A trip down Memory Lane includes […]

  • Passover the Buns Hun

    Passover the Buns Hun

    Today we’ve commenorated 1 year since the First UK Lockdown was announced. It is hard to believe that so many of our loved ones, aren’t here to look forward to what is our 2nd Easter under restrictions. For me, its my second missed Good Friday communion service at Three Crosses. It has become a tradition […]

  • Fully Loaded

    Fully Loaded

    Do you watch the US foodie feeds and wonder why aren’t they dead by 30? I see loads of red meat and cheese. Even taking a Spaghetti Bolognese they seem to add 10k extra calories. One import from over ‘the pond’ that I have tried and like is Loaded Potato Skins. Tonight I am serving […]

  • Mam’s Corned Beef Pie

    Mam’s Corned Beef Pie

    There are many skills our parents took for granted which have been lost in our supercharged, 200mph, consumer led culture. Having fresh fish caught by uncle whilst out in his boat, the abundance of runner beans or potatoes throughout the summer, or the homemade Elderflower wine we used as a cold remedy in winter. As […]

  • A Right Royal Mash Up

    A Right Royal Mash Up

    Do you ever just think of a dish and then a couple of sides, yet the sides don’t necessarily go with the main? I’m not quite in Heston Blumenthal or Dr Who (fish fingers & custard) country; although I’m quite close to the border. I do have a love of Coronation Chicken. A dish made […]

  • NCIS – Nice Cajun Influenced Supper

    NCIS – Nice Cajun Influenced Supper

    When selecting a menu for supper, I scan both the bookshelves and the fridge. Usually there’s some sort of inspiration that is somewhere in my mind. My influences outside of faith and cuisine are mostly popular culture. I am heavily influenced by music and of course TV. One passion is NCIS, and the spin off […]