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  • Handi to Know

    Handi to Know

    An aspect that makes where I live so good is diversity. Whether it is in heritage or business. Add to that diversity in business a flair for authenticity, then stepping out in Pembrey & Burry Port is a real adventure. At the western extreme of Pembrey, at the end of a stretch of road known […]

  • Wake Up Maggi, I got something to say to you

    Wake Up Maggi, I got something to say to you

    In a world where we consume anything and everything quickly: from adverts suggesting instant noodles allows to spend more time doing interesting things than cooking; or sitting through another cookery programme on tv that suggests we have all the time in the world to cook; where do you find the happy medium of quick, easy, […]

  • Thank God it’s Christmas

    And so happy Christmas and what have you done? John Lennon I suppose it would be easier to start with what I haven’t I done! Eat and drink too much. That’s a good one. It doesn’t mean I haven’t splurged, orb over indulged, but merely I have enjoyed without the hedonism of far flung Christmases. As […]

  • Pub Lunch?

    Pub Lunch?

    I was brought up with many sagely bits of wisdom and manners. After all “manners maketh the man”. One such pearl was, “if you cant say something nice, better say nothing at all!”  That’s the reason why I have not reviewed establishments I like to refer to as ‘formula’. The places – usually a large […]

  • Busy Times for Saint Nik

    Busy Times for Saint Nik

    Think Christmas menus and you can have two very different experiences. The first I call “formula” – tried, tired and tested offerings. Prawn cocktail starter followed by the ubiquitous  “Pembrokeshire turkey” with seasonal veg including sloppy sprouts, followed by a figgy pudding straight from Castell Howell. This menu can easily set you back upwards of […]

  • Gastro not Glasto

    Gastro not Glasto

    “The Great British Food Festival” by definition conjures a few images which until you actually arrive on ‘campus’ as it were, are soon dispelled. I think I was expecting a serious foodie experience. The opportunity to discuss with producers their wares and a bit of sampling. Throw in a couple of masterclasses and you have […]

  • Brimful of …

    Tenuous link in the title again. Brimful of Asha by Cornershop was one of those one hit wonders that takes me back to a time and a place. When I then try to put a date to the memories I end up shocked. Has nearly a quarter century elapsed! Talking as we do the other […]