Kim Yong Porc stirred Fry

It’s been a while since I last blogged recipe or a menu, but today I feel compelled to share my latest supper and a new regional style.

I came across a recipe for Korean Sesame Pork Stir Fry which sounded quite tasty and relatively straight forward. Here’s the recipe from the BBC

I amended the recipe to allow for two substitutions – mange tout instead of spring onion and sherry & honey in place of Japanese mirin, and the addition of celery.

Ginger, chilli, honey, dark soy sauce, wine, sesame seeds and pork produced a lovely light aromatic dish with meagre vegetables complimenting the meat and sauce. A further new direction for me was the accompaniment of cauliflower rice. It really did work. I’m not overly fond of rice but at 25 calories a cup versus the equivalent of brown wading in at 268 calories; you don’t have to be a genius to appreciate the benefits before comparing nutrients.

For dessert I made use of my daily frugal saving – two punnets of blackberries for £2 instead of £2.60 each and rolled themin puff pastry to create a tart tasting roulade accompanied by a rich vanilla ice cream. No added sugar from this chef.

Blackberry Roulade with vanilla ice cream

The two dishes complimented each other well and will definitely be added to the menu at ‘The Library’ much to the applause of my guest.