Cajun Salmon Tortilla

August 31, 2020

There are quite a few chefs whose food I have either enjoyed or have inspired me to cook their recipes. On the eating side, Paul at Marzano’s Caffe in Llanelli, never fails to impress in both short order or tapas. When its Greek then it has to be a visit to Nikos at Whitford in Burry Port. Similarly Pedro at Safari, Costa Mijas makes one of the more delightful Paella you will find on the mainland in Spain.

As far as celebrity chefs are concerned, I have marvelled at the likes of James Martin for his frugal simplicity with excellent ingredients, been infused by Jamie Oliver’s passion to just have a go, laughed my way through many a Gino D’Campo feature, and of course enjoyed the travelogues of the Hairy Bikers, to name a few.

I don’t normally endorse products or merchandising, however, I recently came across a Jamie video for his new book 7 ingredients. I have bought in the past but gave up after 5 ingredients. I am not going to fully describe this dish in terms of ingredients or method, as I don’t wish to infringe any copyrights. 

Cajun Salmon Tortillas are a light delightful mix of sweet and savoury tastes. Quite easy to make, fast, and wholesome food. A dish which could become a free syn free treat with the removal or substitution of only 2 ingredients.

Cajun spiced salmon pan fried in salmon fat served in a tortilla on a bed of salad leaves, peppers, avacado and mango, with a few pan-fried cherry tomatoes is a winner.

My sous wanted to make a special dish to celebrate his mother’s birthday and she was absolutely thrilled with the result.