Boil in the bag

April 2, 2023

Convenience food has always had a bad reputation. There has always been an unholy marriage of compromise between preparation time and nutritional value. Often forsaking good nutrition for haste.

Whether oven ready, microwaveable trays or the stalwart ‘boil in the bag’; ready meals are something everyone will turn to at some point.

Bagged food certainly takes up less room in the larder or freezer compared to the mountain of Tupperware including the takeaway single use plastics which if cared for can have a second, third or fourth lifespan.

Owning a vacuum sealer was a revelation for not only allowing for larger bags and trays to be decanted but also allowing for the possibility of storing wet foods.

Here you see a mild curry – chicken aloo to be exact made to our taste (very mild). Sealed to be frozen then reanimated in a travel warmer in the office for a wholesome lunch or that quick dinner as required.


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