Only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate

May 1, 2020

If you grew up the 70s then you know the lyrics to song that sold millions of Cadbury Flake bars.

A spin off was the Cadbury Flake cake:a cuboid piece of vanilla sponge with a measure buttercream in the centre, covered in melted Cadbury’s milk chocolate with a piece of flake on top.

Since Cadbury’s was bought out several years ago, a lot of the the products remain but the recipes and quantities have altered significantly.

Today’s challenge was to recreate the cake I remember. A little piece of decadence from a past age.

I have been fortunate to share these with friends and neighbours and in turn they have pledged to the local foodbank and NHS Charities. This is quite amazing and I’m very grateful to them.

I have also had requests to share the recipe. So here goes.

The recipe follows into three distinct areas, sponge, filling and decoration.

For the sponge mix 250g of unsalted butter/baking marg, self-raising flour and caster sugar. Add 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder and 4 – 5 eggs. If you feel the batter is a little dry add an egg. Adjust ingredients to suit. My mix made 16 portions with each cake approximately 2” (5 cm) tall.

Bake at 180c until a skewer passes clean. With my tin it was 55 minutes.

For the buttercream I made sufficient from 100g if icing sugar, 50g butter and 2tbs of milk. Use an electric whisk to bring the cream together (light and fluffy).

When the sponge has cooled to room temperature, carefully cut using a serrated knife into cubes about 3” long by 2” wide. Next make small cut into each cake and insert the buttercream. I used a pump action piper. You can use a dessert and teaspoon to sort of palette the cream. Doesn’t matter what they look like at this stage you’re going to cover them chocolate! 

Last for the chocolate covering or ganache. I melted in bursts in the microwave 2x 90g of milk and 100g of dark Belgian chocolate. Place 100ml of double cream on a medium heat until it starts bubble (not boil). Add the cream to the chocolate and combine vigorously. It’s time to use that stick blender – the one lurking at the back of the cupboard.

Prepare a cooling rack, similar size baking tray (line it with baking paper) and get ready to make a mess.

Quickly immerse the sponge in the chocolate ensuring a total coverage and set each dry on the prepared rack.

Decorate with a small piece of flake and refrigerate immediately.

Finally when all the cooking is finished…you may lick the spoon.