La Cuenta Por Favor – parte Dos

December 21, 2018

Almost a week after my recent very pleasurable Spanish Odyssey, I find myself sitting relaxing & soaking up several machine gun conversations in the language of España.

My Espanol isn’t sufficient to pretend to understand what is being said, but these warm, passionate, hospitable people are too engrossed in their own affairs to notice a solitary Welshman killing time amongst them.

My trek that brings me back to Iberia is the reuniting with a precious gift – my ipad. A slight confusion with Securitas Aueroporto and DHL working for Dick Turpin result in me flying Stelios – much better than Michael by the way. Flying in on the 6.35am out of Bristol, I was done and dusted by 11am with a good 8 hours to kill before my return flight this evening.

Spending a whopping 3.60 on a train ticket for central Malaga, I levitated towards Regina’s Bar on Alameda de Colon. It’s a busy street in what is probably the business quarter.

Sitting outside under canvass listening to traffic, machine gun Spanish & a multitude of various bird life perching in the Palms that strewn the avenue, and of course, I have sampled the equivalent of at least 20 Capstan full strength.

Pedro at the Bar

I exhaustedly ordered a beer from Pedro. Pedro is everything I have come to expect from Spanish waiters. Efficient, serious and constantly arguing with the kitchen staff.

Having the first beer not touching the sides, I thought it wise to order some food with the second. Esalada Mixta caught my eye. A feast of salad with Tuna arrived with some bread and I began to demolish this tasty treat.

I continued ordering and soaking up the street life with two tall white coffees. Eventually requesting the bill “Senor la cuenta por favor?” Pedro produced a til receipt and asked for a mere e12.10 (£10.89) for lunch, two lagers, and 2 tall coffees. Unbelievable.

The real Spain isn’t just in the Interior but everywhere Spaniards are! Today I found them chilling out at Regina’s.