O Christmas Tree

December 28, 2018
O Christmas Tree How steadfast are your branches!

This is my tree. Standing proud at all of ten inches. A symbol for the Peace & Love Season.

I was asked where I was placing my tree and I replied I wasn’t having a tree in the house. I was asked why and I calmly and logically said that when in the past the job of trees assembly had been left to me, someone went a head and spoilt Christmas for me. An association of ideas, someone else puts up the tree = good Christmas, I put it up bad Christmas. Therefore no tree equals peace and quiet.

Unbeknown to me this conversation wasn’t forgotten and I arrived home from a trip to find this tree waiting for me.

So why Christmas trees and why fir trees. A traditional German tree was introduced to the UK by Prince Albert the husband of Queen Victoria. It has become a symbol of the Christmas season and adding some colour and illumination into otherwise darker nights.

This Christmas has passed without drama for which I am grateful but also the realization I should not live life anticipating the worse. Therefore I conclude let Christmas come and Christmas go, armed with the tools to ruin anybody else’s Christmas and New Year.