When the strong crumble

October 6, 2018

When it comes to desserts it is all too easy to buy some supermarket sweet treat. The downside of course is lack of control over sugars, fats and preservatives. Although it is easy, I often think its akin to handing over your house and car keys to a complete stranger and saying “drop me off somewhere and I’ll get home somehow!”

A quick dessert is a piece of fruit – nothing quite tastes like a rip pear or kiwi fruit, or fresh fruit salad. Having a little more time on your hands then a homemade berry medley crumble is the way to go.

Here’s my lower fat and sugar totally homemade version.

You will need at least 35 minutes in total, 10 for preparation and 25 minutes for baking at 180C/160C(fan)/Gas Mark 4. Always reduce by 20C if you have a fan oven is my experience. I looked up the Gas Mark – not exactly an expert with gas.

First pre-heat your oven! Get it up to temperature.


20g Caster Sugar (I use granulated sweetener)

75g Plain Flour

40g Low Fat Spread (buttery spreads, spreadable butter etc but the less the fat the better)

40g Soft Brown Sugar

25g Porridge Oats (I have used or mixed in Granola previously)

250g forest fruits


Sift the flour into a mixing bowl then using your fingers, rub in the spread to make breadcrumb consistency. Now add the brown sugar and oats and combine thoroughly.



Add the strawberries and caster sugar/sweetener into an oven proof dish before covering with the crumble mix.



Ensure you’ve pressed the mix in well.




Serving Suggestion

All the unhealthy usual suspects such as ice cream, cream & custard, but why not try 0% Greek Yoghurt (Total) or Soya Cream. Trust me there’s enough sweetness in the crumble so a little sour goes a long way.