When the Chocolate Teapot has a Meltdown

February 27, 2023

It has been a while since I blogged here & that’s primarily due to not being in the right “headspace” to write. Yes one has to be right to write. The irony isnt lost on me.

2023 so far hasn’t been great but then again, it hasn’t been totally evil. What has happened is a revelation – an epiphany of sorts; a time where I reflect upon what I can achieve and what I can’t. Moreover the acceptance of the fact I have been struggling for far too long.

Some years ago I heard the news that a manager who I had worked closely with over the years had retired early, in the days of enhancements and big payouts. I duly sent him an email to his personal account from mine – yes we were that close. In my email I thanked him for his service, his assistance, and most of all, his friendship and honesty – making my job, ‘fun’. The reply came almost immediately and I was expecting a simple ‘thank you’. Yes expecting as the guy was and is, a gentleman.

As I read the reply, I noted his focus wasn’t upon himself but me. He thanked me for making his professional life easier. He said that whenever my name was mentioned within the annals of the local authority, smiles and knowing nods would follow. This left with me with a mix of pride and emotion.

I have always tried to do my best to make other peoples lots easier. To find the way through the hard decisions whilst keeping the mood light. Less ‘live ware’ more ‘lives aware’.

As I say I take pride in what I have done for the last quarter of a century plus, and am protective of those whom I consider to be “one of the good guys/gals”.

To hear for the umpteenth time colleagues referred to as “chocolate teapots” and “sitting on their asses all day” – soon provoked a reaction. Not the first time however the last time I will entertain such conversations. It is easy to criticise when we fail to get what we want. Alas failing to help isnt the same as not wishing to help. It means we aren’t necessarily able, equipped or legally bound to intervene. Yet when the teapots went out of their way and yes, I used my contacts to accelerate a response – no word of thanks came – despite my less than subtle hints.

As one who is feeling very much a ‘chocolate teapot’ for being unable to ‘sit on my ass all day’ and do the job I love, it is both frustrating and concerning at the same time.

The similarities I draw between the fair weather believer and this situation are even more ironic. Too many say stupid things – they denounce the existence of deity yet call out to God in the darkest moments seeking deliverance. If deliverance is granted then deity is forgotten. If deliverance doesn’t come or what was demanded – expected – doesn’t materialise then “God doesn’t exist” or why did “God allow…” etc.

The biggest confidence trick in the world wasn’t Brexit, Trump’s Wall or Putin saying Russia wouldn’t invade Ukraine. No, it is when the Devil got people to blame God for everything. Everything evil that happens because God didn’t intervene.

Going from denial to blaming. What a PR hit. If you cant get people to deny the exist then give them bad press. How much bad press? Well, every time they cant get their own way!

If God does not manifest Himself in a physical form thus intervening – what makes people think the Satan doesn’t do the same!

People are called upon to act – whether by God or Satan – people act; they react, they want but fail to consider what they need. Forgetting to take responsibility for their actions as well as their indecisions.

It takes faith to live – it’s not a temporary quick fix. It is a requirement in order to see what our eyes cannot – our future!