Fast Take Away Stay-in Food

July 3, 2018

Confusion says “after long hot day in work… cheat!”

Today started at 5am for being on the road for 7.30 before a two hour drive to sit a warm training room until after 5pm.

Walking through the door after 7pm it’s was easy to phone the local takeaway and order in far too much expensive food.

Deciding on the being sensible I raided the freezer and found to my shock a part used box of Chinese style pork steaklet’s. Not exactly my first choice of meat product. To my surprise 20 minutes later was chowin’ down a quite a tasty Chinese inspired meal of pork in Chinese 5 spice with garlic mushrooms together with a sweet chilli stir fry and rice.

A fraction the price of the local oriental house and probably in a quarter the time. Plus I know exactly what went into it, hidden salt or sugar.