Filling the void

April 12, 2018
Tuna in Ginger and Soy sauce

One of the things that works against anyone who is watching their diet and exercising is balancing healthy versus interesting/tasty versus satisfying. Its by no means an accident that the foods that appeal to our tastes and sense of fulfilment are generally, the worse enemies of the diet.

To bridge the gap between the holy trinity of dining I tried to produce a Mediterranean dish in an Oriental style. Tuna in Ginger and Soy sauce fits the bill.

Draining a can of tuna I placed the fish in a bowl whilst in a pestle and mortar I placed two small cloves of garlic (finely chopped), a generous grating of root ginger, a dessert spoon of extra virgin Olive oil and a two dessert spoons of dark Soy sauce, and combined the ingredients, adding them to the fish before setting aside.

In a pan I heated a teaspoon of finest Rapeseed oil before adding a generous handful of baby Spinach. Turning constantly for about a minute; I blanched the leaves until they had that ‘shine’. I placed them into a serving bowl and after removing the heat I placed the dry pan back on the residual heat adding a small handful of raw Cashew nuts to toast for about 30 seconds.

Add the fish and sauce over the leaves and then add the nuts for a tasty fulfilling and healthy dinner.