Happy accidents

May 22, 2019

Some time ago I had a request from my old buddy, Simon Cooper, asking advice on what to do with leftovers.

I managed to get two posts from the request at the time, and offer a third today.

So the background is simple; I made a school boy error. I use frozen berries because they work out better value than fresh and have a much longer usage as you decant what you need and return the balance to the freezer. The other evening I treated my guests to Fruits of the Forest brûlée. The step I forgot was returning the balance of said berries to the freezer!

With over a pound of thawed fruit my options were limited.

Using a one of those sports blenders I filled a large beaker with fruit and the associated juice, setting a side enough fruit to add texture. Next I added liberally, artificial sweetener, before blending until I had a smooth compote. Next I stirred in fat free Greek yoghurt before filling individual pots with this tangy creamy dessert. I spooned the remaining whole fruit into each pot and refrigerated.

Fruits of the Forest yoghurt can be Berry Ice Cream when frozen. A very happy accident!