Is it a pie? is it sausage n mash?it’s supper pie!

December 8, 2020

Well my foodie friends I’ve written a few restaurant reviews in my time. I’ve perfected, created & shared more than a few recipes. Thus I think this is a first – a review of a recipe as it is. 

If you enjoy TV chefs then you’ll be more than aware of the cookbook that accompanies the show. It’s seems teaching us ‘plebs’ how to boil the perfect egg is both lucrative and clever whilst avoiding being the one thing it is, condescending.

Sure modern life means we make use of the tingaling or the ringring and have lost the skills  what our parents nay grandparents took for granted.

Today I am livening up the classic mash dish. Mash lends itself to bangers n mash or the cockney pie n mash. In Jamie Oliver’s new book “Take 7”, you’ll find the sausage and leek mash pie. Yes replacing a lot of the evil carbs of pastry with potato – a lesser evil.

Mr Oliver’s recipe is freely available via his website and his demo video is doing the rounds on Facebook.

So my review – well it pains  me to say it actually works! I followed each step both ingredients and method. There were times I thought “this can’t work” but it did. Using mash potatoes as a pastry substitute is simple considering we make cottage or shepherds pie yet have you used mash as the pie base? Me neither!

The fusion of leeks, dessert apple, thyme, mustard and skimmed milk in the remnant fat of Cumberland sausages, is absolutely sublime.  An almost sweet & sour in an English is an style.

If you’re happy making a cottage pie then you’ll make this with your eyes closed. If, not watch Jamie’s video a couple of times.