Oh what a Falafel!

February 10, 2020

Every culture has at least one meatball dish served hot and one vegetable dish served cold. Whether it’s an onion Bhaji or a cheese rissoles, small easily prepared picnic bites are a favoured. For my Latest Supper I tried my hand at falafels. Deep fried dough balls usually made from ground chickpeas or fava beans with added spices and herbs.

Using a food processor and an air fryer, you can serve this delicious hearty treat in under 20 minutes.

Drain a can of chickpeas, together with a 3 large cloves of garlic and place in the food processor. Add a cup of fresh coriander (including stalks) a pinch of cayenne pepper, turmeric, cumin, 2 tablespoons of gram flour, and black pepper. Add the juice of a lemon and blitz until you have a wet dough consistence. 

Using a soup spoon, scoop out some of the mix and roll by hand into balls. Try to be uniform and not too large as these falafels are quite filling. Whence ready for the air fryer, place a couple of squirts of 1-cal oil on the fryer basket, then add the falafels allowing space between each one, and finally give a few more squirts of 1-cal. Air fry for at least 15 minutes at 200C.

Whilst the Falafels are frying, consider couscous as a tasty accompaniment. Depending upon your appetite I would start by suggesting only make 100g of dried couscous for 2 people. For each 100g of couscous you will need 125ml of boiling water.

I prefer a tangy and fruity couscous so I add to mine dried fruit (figs, apricots, dates, prunes) working on the basis of size eg  2 figs are approximately the same size as 4 apricots, as 6 prunes etc. Having chopped the fruit I add to the dry couscous and combine in a large bowl. I like to add some almond shavings too. Give everything a good mix. When I am ready to add the measured boiling water I like to add flavour and make a stock. Cheat with Moroccan spice mix about a tablespoon, and add to the couscous – ensure a good mix and leave for at least 5 minutes. 

Make a low fat dip or sauce by combining fat free fromage frais, a dash of lime juice and dried mint, for a tasty, slightly tart sauce.

Serve the falafels hot or cold with a tasty lettuce such as wild rocket.