Pushing out the Slow Boat

March 12, 2018

Monday for most people is filled with a certain amount of dread. The freedoms we coveted over the weekend die away like the last ember of a forgotten fire. The realisation of the corporate bell tolling until the weekend comes around again.So Monday lands with a force; meetings, updates, new work, interruptions, deep counselling sessions followed by visits to the gym; all in an effort to live today. The last thing most people would want to do is throw a dinner party.

Cooking and entertaining is a trait I inherited from my mother. She could conjure up a veritable banquet on the spur of the moment and without a larder the size of a supermarket. Add my love of good, fresh, wholesome and nutritionally balanced food; then cooking becomes theraputic on several levels.

Tonight’s menu was a hommage to the much enjoyed “Chinese Takeaway”. My table featured Chow Mein (prawn duck & chicken) and Pork in Black Sauce. Both served with golden rice and that quintessential Brit fodder, a portion of chips. Add a Spring Roll starter and a berry crumble for dessert and you have very enjoyable Monday evening – the perfect antidote to those Monday blues.

Pork in Black Bean sauce
‘House Special’ Chow Mein