Raising the Steak

May 14, 2018

It can quite emotive discussing how one likes ones steak. My barber admits to a 4 minute a side cooking but ruins the process by saying “has to be dry, no juices or blood!” Kevin is an excellent stylist, a genuinely nice guy and a stalwart of sport in the town; but in gastronomy; I believe the label “heathen” is appropriate.

For my Latest Supper I chose a Welsh sirloin steak which was so big I cut into two, British Asparagus and Sweet Potatoes. I boiled the sweet potatoes in and added a little butter, salt and pepper to some sliced garlic before adding the asparagus. I lightly browned the asparagus before setting aside and using the hot pan to cook my steak (approximately 2 minutes a side).

You don’t need a sharp or steak knife. It was literally like spreading butter. Joio mun!