Yma O Hyd

March 31, 2020

There is a folk song by the Welsh singer/songwriter Dafydd Iwan called “Yma o hyd”. A patriotic anthem that reminds us of a time long ago; 383 AD when Wales led by Wledig Macsen overcame Roman rule.

Yma o hyd (Still Here) though written and recorded back in the early 1980s, tells of the story of the 4th century AD, but could have been written for Wales 2020AD. We are still here, I am still here, – COVID19 will attack us, and in its wake we may lose comrades but we will not “…go gentle into that good night”, no we Welsh are a proud and belligerent race therefore we will “Rage, rage against the dying of the light” – to quote Dylan Thomas.

When this strangest of times is over, our country is will need to restart again. Businesses who have struggled to cope during lockdown will need our support more than ever. Crops in the fields will need harvesting but we need to be in social isolation at the same time. Produce that was made still needs to get to market.

A little self indulgent but today my order from Cwm Deri arrived. A couple of cheeses from the Snowdonia Cheese Company, which Cwm Deri had a glut of. With the order came a letter from their managing director, thanking customers for continued support during these difficult of times.

Staying at home is the sound advice given by government to slow the spread of COVID19. There are frontline workers in all manor of industries worthy of our applause; they continue to work tirelessly to keep Wales moving. Medics, carers, security, transport, retail, farmers and utilities – all in the fight, all in the frontline.

We are indeed Yma O Hyd.