Adding a little colour

March 15, 2019

It seems like we been under the gloom one tropical storm after another. The fresh days of spring a mere memory or dream. The daylight is getting longer but the weather is more akin to December. In an attempt to improve my spirits I recalled my journeys to the isles of perpetual spring, the Canary Islands.

For my latest Supper I ventured back to the suburb of Adeje, to create that stalwart of Canarian cuisine, the garlic chicken. Adeje, just along the coast from Los Cristanos, boasts the best, tastiest example of this dish. Don’t get me wrong, if its fish you want then go to the Buenavista in the north, or Vilafori for the pork; but for chicken, its Adeje and there’s no better way to cook or serve it than straight from the oven.

Add my favourite potatoes with Mojo verde, a rich warm spicy garlic sauce made with red wine vinegar, peppers, cumin, coriander, and plenty of garlic, balances the salty covered exterior of these tasty potatoes.

Of course, vegetables isn’t the first thing on the list at the average Tenerifean diner, so its always Esalad Mixta to accompany the chicken. Whilst on the neighbouring island of La Gomera, the chicken was served on a bed of white rice and came with the potatoes as a side. I suppose the Canarian version of ‘alf ‘n’ ‘alf!

My guest found this experience to be to her taste and she doesn’t really do spicy hot. This meal isn’t meant to be a torment but a reminder of long hot easy days; a break from this Welsh spring (more like winter) and days of maƱana.