Ancient & Modern

September 25, 2016

The long standing pot of stew goes back in history 100s of years. Designed to be an affordable ready meal for the family after a long hard day of labour.

Today isn’t a good day in this house and I have had to find something to do, so I have prepared my sausage casserole which is a scratch recipe not the ever popular freeze dried pack mixes.


8 pork sausages (shop own brand frozen type)

1 medium onion (chopped coarsely)

2 large potatoes quartered

handful of chopped mushrooms

2 tins chopped tomatoes

glove of garlic (remove other skins and keep inner whole)

tsp Turmeric (colouring)

tsp Thyme


Brown the sausages add the mushrooms and onions until softened.

Add all the other ingredients and pressure cook for 45 minutes or slow cooker for 3 – 4 hours on low.