Here I Go Again On My Own

January 12, 2019

Sitting in seat 4F on a Thomas Cook Airbus A321 bound for Tenerife South Airport, and the song comes to mind. Although technically she’s with me – third finger left hand 🙂

The joys of chasing Winter Sun versus traveling on a shoestring budget does wonders for the nerves. A packed flight out of Bristol though comfy, at almost 4 hours, is about my limit in the “I’m a Sardine…Get me out of here” stakes.

To be fair the departure process from luggage drop to boarding has been the easiest and stress less to date. The joys of Bristol airport; the staff are human, explaining what you need to know and asking questions that remind you the whole time. So you remember the extra 125ml bottle in cabin before the scanner finds it. Liquids in the hold and batteries in the cabin. A Vaper’s delight, except you can’t!

So I’m heading to the Canary Islands for the first time!

All I know about Tenerife thus far is,

  • They are off the coast of Africa
  • They are a part of Spain
  • Tenerife is duty free
  • Local time is the same as the UK
  • It’s 23 degrees and alight breeze

Well its scorching here in the days and the nights tend to be a burn up too.

Of course you can always pose for a selfie with an Airbus, there’s enough of them… day & night!