La Cuenta por favor?

April 30, 2018

My Spanish odyssey began yesterday when I flew into Malaga. First time in Spain, first time driving a left hand drive car, first time “driving on the wrong side of the road” except here its the correct side, and, yes, the inevitable first time getting totally lost!

Life is a series of challenges as well as new, sometimes unexpected, directions. When I consider a few short years ago I would have not envisaged in my wildest dreams, sitting here in my own apartment, writing this blog whilst watching the golden sun making it’s final ‘curtain-call’ on the day that was welcoming the night to be, on the Costa del Sol. Similarly I would have considered it the nightmare scenario being here without my Sam. Of course she’s sort of here – on the third finger of my left hand.

Whilst trying to rebuild my life, some believe they have the right to judge; to state what is acceptable behaviour for a widower. I think its best summed by the thinking that Sam’s life ended and therefore so did mine! Trust me, I used to think like that, and yes I am a failure (four times over) because if I was a success, then I wouldn’t be here, writing this drivel right now. Of course the moral minority would have something to ponder – “Why didn’t he say something – I didn’t know!” Ever seen the Delia Smith video where she’s at Norwich’s home game shouting at the fans “Where are you?“, no! I am a Max Boyce fan so I am totally for the people who can say “I was there!

I have digressed, for I offer tonight a meal that encompasses how I approach life. A mix of yesterday, today and my dreams of tomorrow. What I have experienced, what I know, and pleasurable accidents that are adventures in the unknown.

I am enjoying a self catering break so I ventured to the local Lidl store in

Fuengirola this morning. I managed with the Spanish labelling quite well and put together a dish based upon what is known and elements of the unknown.

Spanish sausages with vegetables in a rich tomato sauce served with tricoloured pasta and local sunflower seed and olive oil brioche bread with a very subtle slightly harder version of mozzarella.

I fried a local sourced spiced pork sausages with chorizo and garlic before adding sliced mushroom, red pepper, leek & celery.

The red wine here comes in a juice carton and you get a litre for a € so a tall glass went into the pan. After five or so minutes I added a tomato sauce which I noted was very popular with the locals. The pan simmered away for another 15 minutes to make a dish which both was adventurous and new, flavours reminiscent of the past and who I am and from whence I came.

Life is indeed a journey; a journey without …buenas noches!