What a load of rubbish!

October 24, 2018

Tonight’s LatestSupper involves a subject that we Westerners or to be more accurate, we Brits, often are guilty of – waste! Despite our attempts at frugalness in these uncertain times, we all seem to squander money when it comes to the contents of the ‘veg chiller’.

Too much emphasis is placed upon best before and sell by dates. What ever happened to trusting our senses? Look at it, touch it, smell it and if further investigation needed, taste it! There was a time if we were uncertain of the outcome someone would shout “let’s suck it and see”.

Equally if there’s a bit of rot or mold then surely you remove the bad and work with what’s left.

Tonight having searched out the ‘better use them tonight’ range from the bottom shelf , I present Vegetable Tikka Masala.

Veg, Garam Marsala, Cardamom pods, Bay Leaves and Tikka paste.