Why cant Pharaoh accept the truth

February 18, 2021

And he said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

Luke 9:23

There is a saying, “forbidden fruits – taste the sweetest”. Derived from the Book of Genesis, where all the forage-able fruits in the Garden of Eden were within mans grasp, all except one, the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. 

Whether you are dieting, coping with an addiction, or observing Lent or Ramadan, what is your heart’s desire can become your single focus. Battling the urge to submit and partake, only succeeding if you can withstand the onslaught. What’s that called? Ah, yes – TEMPTATION!

Unfortunately, temptation is a state of mind. Usually if one succumbs to our urges, we find the ‘Glittering Prize’ is somewhat of a let down. When I was 17, every half pint of beer was the best. The same ale lost a lot of its appeal when I turned 18. 

Foods especially doesn’t taste “like I remember”. it is almost a joke when we reminisce how “Burton’s Wagon Wheels” are smaller, thinner, and have considerably less chocolate these days compared to our childhood ‘memory’. There is it again – the ‘thought of’.

A couple of months ago, I succumbed and ordered in Chinese food. Alas, I was very disappointed with the whole affair, despite my longing – reality and thought, were as far a part as Welsh & English rugby fans on match day.

Tonight I am almost throwing away the “Slimming World” food diary & entering into the ‘cursed earth’ of fats and carbs. My ‘so missed’ Chinese dish is Chicken Balls in Batter. I’m not a fan of the over-additive ‘Sweet & Sour’ sauce; I usually ask for Chinese Curry sauce as an substitute.

To accompany my descent into cholesterol hell, I am serving a chicken stir fry dish in the style of chow mein, and my own brand of egg fried rice. Yes I am a SYNner – although most will come from the batter balls; I have managed to husband all my daily SYNs so far.

I will continue this post with the post mortem & recipes, together with the conclusion – “was it all really worth it?” For now I must prepare my ingredients…


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