Because they are alway in De Nile

February 18, 2021

Welcome to part deluxe, delivering the punchline to “Why cant Pharoahs accept the truth”. As promised I said I would continue and report back on my latest culinary adventure. Musing on the meaning of Lent and self-denial, balancing the knowledge that temptation is a concept and invariably, partaking of the prohibited is usually a huge let down; I went down the rabbit hole.

Tonight’s supper was yet another trip to the local Chinese Fakeaway. I didn’t venture out as – well we’re in Lockdown 3.0. I decided to grab the app and log into “JustBelch”. From the menu I choose Chicken balls in batter, Chicken stir fry and Egg fried rice.

Thanks to Morrisons who are currently selling packs of diced breast chicken, I had sufficient to feed 3 people the two chicken dishes for under £4. Bargain!

Chinese Chicken Balls in Batter

Basically the batter is equal amounts of self-raising flour and water with a 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Stir fry Chicken

Consisted of garlic, spring onion, red pepper, baby sweet corn, carrot & bamboo shoots, cabbage, & leeks, cooked in mixture of 5-Spice, Dark Soy, Rice vinegar and Balsamic, together with 1/2 pack of diced chicken. Awesome!

Egg Fried Rice

Taking a pouch of microwave rice cooked as per instructions, which I left cool. Back in my wok I placed a chopped clove of garlic, thinly slice spring onion and thinly diced red pepper, which were fried until soft. Next I added 4 eggs and set about making an almost omelette. As the eggs came together, I added the rice and kept everything moving.

Earlier I mused whether or not this departure from a totally low/no fat diet into a land of temptation would be a bitter disappointment. My experiences of ordering in had certainly left me feeling unimpressed.

I am somewhat ashamed to report that I thoroughly enjoyed my supper. Moreover my diners, who are quite discerning where takeouts are concerned, complimented my efforts stating how much nicer my offerings were.

Compliments and positive feedback are always gratifying to receive even when it would seem I am ‘blowing my own trumpet’.

The only advice I can give is, if you really crave it, make it!


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