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The Leftovers (Part 2)

As I promised I would continue in a less thought-provoking vein and conclude this 2-parter with answers to the original question when home-cooking for one and having the left-overs. Leftovers tend to fall into 3 categories; or they do in my kitchen. Is it freezable Can it be transformed into something similar or better  Can it be used to…

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The Leftovers (Part 1)

I was very recently asked if I did requests, to which I am always open to, as well as,  questions or suggestions. Criticisms: well you can keep them to yourself. The request was from an old friend. We first met commuting to college in 1984 then later worked together at an Industrial Museum in the late 80s and finally…

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The Miracle in your Freezer

This is not the first nor will it be last time, I will pontificate on the wonders of that basic, timeless classic, the Fish Sandwich. Allegedly, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, requested meat placed within two slices of bread to be served whilst he gambled the evening away at cards. Our Lord of course (depending upon where you…

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