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The thought of a four day weekend in Spring is something to look forward to. Unless of course, you’re a parent with school children. They get 14 days to celebrate Easter whilst their parents discover their own relationship with Deity, and are constant in prayer; for example, “Oh God what have they done now!”, “Jesus, let it be not…

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Putting the Good into Friday

Arguable the most important weekend in the Christian calendar is Easter. Good Friday, the day our Lord gave up His life on earth, fulfilling His destiny & The Father’s commandment, only to be resurrected upon the Sunday. For most people in these days its purely a holiday not the holy day, from which the term is derived. It makes…

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Eat to Live v Live to Eat

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a meal as: 1 Any of the regular occasions in a day when a reasonably large amount of food is eaten. 1.1 The food eaten during a meal. ‘a bar serving light meals’ With differing definitions comes the whole confusion as to what food is and how we consume it. We often take on…

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