Month: July 2021

  • Friday I’m in Love

    “Friday I’m in Love” is a song by the aptly named, “The Cure”. I sometimes use the covid dividend of amassed leave on a Friday. This affords me the opportunity to indulge my love affair of cooking which is the cure I sometimes need in order to relax. This week I felt the need, the […]

  • Midnight at the Oasis

    Midnight at the Oasis

    The dictionary defines ‘oasis’ as “ In geography, an oasis is a fertile area in a desert or semi-desert environment.” Offering ones time, company, table and home to weary travellers can be seen as such – an oasis in the desert of modern life. Inviting an old friend to join us for dinner alfresco in […]

  • Back in the playground

    Back in the playground

    “My dad is bigger than your dad!” The arguments and oneupmanship of the infant school playground I remember with smiles. As for the older children, they were “the bigger boys”. In age a year or two older and that’s all that mattered. We didn’t consider stature – they were older, and may be “harder”! The […]

  • Making a Meze without the SYNs

    Making a Meze without the SYNs

    I have lost count of the times I have studied a menu being totally lost as to what to order. Eventually deciding on something in a half hearted fashion, only to be disappointed with my choices even before the plate has arrived. That fateful moment when you spy what the next table ordered. In the […]

  • Paella – Busting the Myth

    Paella – Busting the Myth

    Like many culinary stereotypes, Paella conjures up an image of how it should look and a list of mandatory ingredients. If we were to use a “thought bubble” then it would look something like this. As I have entitled this post “…Busting the Myth”, I need to address the myths. Number 1 is Paella is […]