Month: April 2018

  • La Cuenta por favor?

    La Cuenta por favor?

    My Spanish odyssey began yesterday when I flew into Malaga. First time in Spain, first time driving a left hand drive car, first time “driving on the wrong side of the road” except here its the correct side, and, yes, the inevitable first time getting totally lost! Life is a series of challenges as well […]

  • The majesty of winter

    The majesty of winter

  • Valetta Days

    Valetta Days

  • Them Welsh rissoles

    Them Welsh rissoles

    One of the earliest memories I have revolves around a meal at the Famous Joseph’s Fish Shop nearly half a century ago. Situated at the rear of the premises was a dining area where you could sit and eat your chips. I was a very young boy accompanied by parents and maternal grandparents enjoyed a […]

  • Now wash your hands

    Now wash your hands

    Most recently I have been fixated with blogging about food. Food of the body and not so much for expressing my love of creation in art (photography) nor sharing some insights from my pastoral work. Both I may add I am fully employed in on a weekly basis. Some subjects fall too close to home for […]

  • The Latest… Lunch!

    The Latest… Lunch!

    In a detour from the norm, I present today my Latest Lunch. For most people who work, lunch is a necessity not a pleasure. The slogan “eat to live” is more appropriate than “I live to eat”. Catching quick sandwich breaks, or hot pastries or even the good old ‘bag o’ chips’ can harm two-fold: […]

  • The fun we had!

    The fun we had!

    Nostalgia is wonderful at making the past seem glorious even if potentially, it was less than at the time. We remember Tizer tasting like Tizer, six feet of chocolate covering a Wagon Wheel, and the summers – they went on for a decade! One memory I have from my childhood was the reverence and love, […]