The Latest… Lunch!

April 23, 2018

In a detour from the norm, I present today my Latest Lunch.

For most people who work, lunch is a necessity not a pleasure. The slogan “eat to live” is more appropriate than “I live to eat”.

Catching quick sandwich breaks, or hot pastries or even the good old ‘bag o’ chips’ can harm two-fold: in the body and in the wallet!

My salad bowl was prepared last evening so I did not need to rush this morning; consisting of a bed of baby spinach, chopped cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber with a moist meat layer of tuna with onion in a light mayonnaise dressing which I cut with fresh lemon juice. I also added some left-over wholegrain rice & quinoa (which I had sealed and refrigerated) and a sprinkling of raw cashew nuts.

As a break-time treat or to graze, I added a portion of black olives with the stone in and slice of cheddar.

A homemade salad for a fraction of the price of a ‘shop bought’

Lots of saving graces yet with a few sins (a bit like most of mankind), there’s my lunch