Month: September 2021

  • Back in the day

    Back in the day

    The way it was in the past, A long, long time ago, Before staff levels dropped, They used to listen to the radio, And listen to the DJ’s talk, About the songs they didn’t know, As if it really mattered. Hit-pick or phone-in show, I don’t want you to go tonight, Ten thousand watts of […]

  • 2,628,000 minutes ago

    2,628,000 minutes ago

    …the moment when living stopped. Not many people can understand what it is like to have all your dreams and hopes decimated in a heartbeat. To be brutally honest, it is something I wish upon my worst enemy. Why should he escape the pain, after all he thrives causing it to others! The events I’m […]

  • Arroz con Frijoles

    Arroz con Frijoles

    Spanish Rice with Beans If you’re looking for a hearty one-pot meal that is tasty & cheap, you can’t beat Spanish Rice with Beans. It is very much a “use what you have dish” and can be adjusted to personal taste easily. The ‘one-pot’ in this instance is a skillet or wide frying pan – […]

  • Bagging a bargain

    Bagging a bargain

    I’m sure every household in the country has mealtimes when you just can’t be bothered to cook, shop, or even wait. Craving not fast food but instant food. The stable “Fish & Chips” is a 15 minute wait from the head of the queue to “salt & vinegar?”. In these virus loaded, post-apocalyptic days of […]

  • Gastro not Glasto

    Gastro not Glasto

    “The Great British Food Festival” by definition conjures a few images which until you actually arrive on ‘campus’ as it were, are soon dispelled. I think I was expecting a serious foodie experience. The opportunity to discuss with producers their wares and a bit of sampling. Throw in a couple of masterclasses and you have […]