Month: July 2018

  • The Life of Pi(e)

    The Life of Pi(e)

    A guilty pleasure of mine many years ago was mince and onion pie with chips from the local chippy. Alas with maturity comes the result of years of abuse which means I can no longer stomach both portion size nor the fats involved. The stodgy delights from my youth can be recreated in a much […]

  • Well and Truly Stuffed!

    In my opinion stuffing isn’t the right thing for me,I just don’t like the smell of the Paxo stuffing that you all by from tesco e.t.c.What i do like tho is homemade stufing,it’s just alot better.Infact i love the smell of homemade stuffing,it’s wierd how i like homemade stuffing but not Paxo,so people out there […]

  • Tandoori nights

    Tandoori Culture Tandoori food was generally cooked in a Tandoor oven in the Indian subcontinent which was  a large clay or mod dome that could reach 450 degrees Celsius using coal and wood. The word Tandoori comes from “tinûru” meaning mud (tin) and fire (ûru) in Akkadian. To respect this culture most people toss a […]

  • Fast Take Away Stay-in Food

    Confusion says “after long hot day in work… cheat!” Today started at 5am for being on the road for 7.30 before a two hour drive to sit a warm training room until after 5pm. Walking through the door after 7pm it’s was easy to phone the local takeaway and order in far too much expensive […]