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  • Paying Tribute

    I will start this sermon by asking a simple enough question. do you or have you ever gambled? most chapel folk I imagine dread the question or at least the implication. gambling is accepted as sinful. if you enjoy a trip to Las Vegas or a cruise then it seems that a casino visit is […]

  • Last Christmas

    Last Christmas

    I must say i do like listening to the radio at  this time of year. All the old Christmas hits. Slade, Wizard, even Band Aid. Wham remembering “Last Christmas”. What a Christmas that was. Fear and isolation. Closed bubbled and curtailed plans. I think ours was a much simpler affair. Planned to metaphorically close the […]

  • Back in the day

    Back in the day

    The way it was in the past, A long, long time ago, Before staff levels dropped, They used to listen to the radio, And listen to the DJ’s talk, About the songs they didn’t know, As if it really mattered. Hit-pick or phone-in show, I don’t want you to go tonight, Ten thousand watts of […]

  • 2,628,000 minutes ago

    2,628,000 minutes ago

    …the moment when living stopped. Not many people can understand what it is like to have all your dreams and hopes decimated in a heartbeat. To be brutally honest, it is something I wish upon my worst enemy. Why should he escape the pain, after all he thrives causing it to others! The events I’m […]

  • Back in the playground

    Back in the playground

    “My dad is bigger than your dad!” The arguments and oneupmanship of the infant school playground I remember with smiles. As for the older children, they were “the bigger boys”. In age a year or two older and that’s all that mattered. We didn’t consider stature – they were older, and may be “harder”! The […]

  • In the Club

    In the Club

    Some 23 years ago a colleague coaxed me into joining WeightWatchers. She came with me for the first month, until I had settled in and didn’t mind being the solo ‘bloke’ in the room. The one thing I didn’t do was join the meeting after the weigh-in. Over the next 54 weeks I went from […]

  • Spring into Spring

    Spring into Spring

    A second Easter holiday under the Corona virus has meant some traditions have been curtailed yet again. The usual Good Friday communion service was cancelled for the second year in a row, in favour of having an Easter Day service. I get the 72 hours rule between use or else deep cleansing – yet it […]