Month: April 2021

  • Making an Hash of it all…again

    Making an Hash of it all…again

    Recently I perfected the fakeaway MaccyD breakfast sausage patty together with a soft bake bap. The only thing missing was a hash brown. Whilst shopping online I came across hash brown waffles. I thought I would give these a whirl – until I looked up the SYN value. Four and half per portion was something […]

  • V for Vegan

    By nature I am not vegan. I do have meat free days several times a week. There’s no particular reason; moral or health, it is more to do with the dishes themselves. Looking for a way to get more ‘Speed foods’ into my diet I stumbled upon a recipe. Although quite tasty in its original […]

  • The Sunday Roast

    The Sunday Roast

    I feel somewhat of a fraud writing this entry, solely due to me making this dish – albeit – bar one new side, and writing about it in the past. However, I have received requests for it so therefore I will endeavor to please my audience. This Sunday roast, and my LatestSupper, I named, Tandoori […]

  • In the Club

    In the Club

    Some 23 years ago a colleague coaxed me into joining WeightWatchers. She came with me for the first month, until I had settled in and didn’t mind being the solo ‘bloke’ in the room. The one thing I didn’t do was join the meeting after the weigh-in. Over the next 54 weeks I went from […]

  • Summer Nights

    Summer Nights

    Summer is nearly here again – although we have experienced blizzards in the last day or so following a mini-heatwave. With the longer nights and warmer temperatures, my diet naturally meanders towards the lighter foods. Less roast dinners and more chilled foods. Salads, quiches, and barbecued meats. Eating out doors and just making do with […]

  • Spring into Spring

    Spring into Spring

    A second Easter holiday under the Corona virus has meant some traditions have been curtailed yet again. The usual Good Friday communion service was cancelled for the second year in a row, in favour of having an Easter Day service. I get the 72 hours rule between use or else deep cleansing – yet it […]