Spring into Spring

April 5, 2021

A second Easter holiday under the Corona virus has meant some traditions have been curtailed yet again. The usual Good Friday communion service was cancelled for the second year in a row, in favour of having an Easter Day service. I get the 72 hours rule between use or else deep cleansing – yet it is a shame to lose what I consider to be vitally important to my faith – celebrating by the sharing of bread and wine at the appoint hour of Jesus’s death.

If one tradition was lost again – then I made the point of making up for the other traditions that are sometimes lost. If you like me grew up before 1990, then you’ll know that it was Hot Cross Buns in the bakery not Cadbury’s Creme Eggs that made Easter. Only available for a fortnight or so around the season. 

Dining on the meat of the season, spring lamb not American imports: turkey. Slow roasted so the meat literally falls off the bone. Cooked with generous amounts of garlic and garden rosemary. Prepared a day early so the flavours have plenty of time not to just mingle, but form a lasting relationship – well until dinner time!

Being able to open our doors and share with loved ones. Not quite the dining experience or parties we are used to. Sun blazing, a chilling breeze reminding us it is April. Wrapped in layers, huddled around the chiminea, at a 2 metre distance of course. Still able to share our table and make for an alfresco high tea to celebrate the greatest comeback – or new beginning in the history of the world. Fledgling – like a chick breaking out of a shell, so do we emerge from another Lockdown, hopefully taking tentative steps not running without thought or direction.

Enjoying trips out to ‘people watch’ and take the sea air, always mindful of the proximity of others & the avoidance of the roads and conduits that lead to the over populated, over indulged, and over the top resorts. A quiet Easter – an Easter sat in garden chairs, whiling away an hour or 2 with a glass of a good red and just talking – this is the my preferred Easter. However, when you’ve more or less done that since Christmas, then a trip out is most welcomed.

In truth Easter was much like Christmas, the opportunity to enjoy some good food, with better company and give thanks for the deliverance and protection we have. It’s all about the grace – grace received & knowing when you are blessed. We can all find fault – finding happiness is often closer than you think!

Blessing be upon you xx


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