Author: Andrew Fisher

  • The Leftovers – season 3

    The Leftovers – season 3

    A number of years ago I wrote about a tv programme that basically dealt with those left behind during the The Rapture. That was part or season 1. Season 2 was inspired by my old friend Simon Cooper, who asked what do you do with the leftovers? The truth is we have to be really […]

  • Fly TheLatestSupper Economy Class

    Fly TheLatestSupper Economy Class

    Some travellers prefer to visit a place once. Some prefer the beach and others the interior. Some want a tan whilst others are culture sponges – soaking up as much as they can. I am a mixed bag of sweets. A true example of ‘pick ‘n’ mix’. I like to visit more than once and […]

  • Andalusian Spicy Chicken

    Andalusian Spicy Chicken

    Andalusia is a region of contrast. From the wealthy of fish recipes on the course to the more hearty meals made in the interior l, high in the mountains. Tonight’s supper was a dish inspired by such places as Rona. Chicken strips broiled in chilli peppers with red onion, garlic, diced carrots, chopped snap peas […]

  • Feliz Navidad

    Feliz Navidad

    I have spent Christmas at home. I have spent Christmas Day with family away in the UK. I have spent Christmas Day with friends in their homes. I have spent Christmas Day alone. What I have never done is spend Christmas Day abroad and with strangers – not until now! It has been 3 long […]

  • Andalucian Chicken Stew

    Andalucian Chicken Stew

    Most things taste like chicken and so should chicken! Here in Andalusia you are spoilt for choice in terms of local ingredients. The abundance of fish fresh from the Mediterranean, or the luscious cured pork variations to the chicken and beef. Together with the cornucopia of fresh vegetables and wines, it is a very special […]

  • la ensalada que no era ensalada

    la ensalada que no era ensalada

    After you get over the sheer pleasure of a Spanish menu comes the next instalment of “The Wow Factor” – the names of the dishes in the native tongue. Covid hasn’t done much for my dexterity both physically and when it comes to ‘Habla Espanol’. My Spanish is improving by the moment and that’s a […]

  • Got any Salmon, sorted!

    Got any Salmon, sorted!

    An early 90s reference in the title. A line taken from The Shamen to introduce my latest supper creation, pan seared salmon in a sweet Chinese glaze accompanied by garlic infused special rice served on a bed of blanched cabbage. The Salmon glaze Mix 1tbs of honey with 2 tps of dark soy sauce, then […]