The Apple of my Eye

October 24, 2023

It is a fallacy that Eve tempted Adam with an apple which led to the expulsion from Eden. The theological truth is; no actual fruit is mentioned in Genesis. Apples a fruit that can grow the world over and at this time of year we have our very own crop. My Latest Supper thematically speaking was in part, a homage to that versatile fruit.

The Menu

  • Salmon & Tuna mousse with plain tortilla chips
  • Pork Steak in a mustard, leek & cider reduction, served with roast Mediterranean vegetables & Canarian potaoes.
  • Sweet Berry Basket. Nest of thinly sliced dessert apple holding fresh strawberries & blueberries covered with fat-free Fromage Frais, a drizzle of local honey, finished with pieces of toasted crumpet.

The Reason

Dinner was a silent apology. I am suffering both physically & emotionally at the moment. I am used to one or the other dragging me down, but when both attack it is quite unbearable. It’s not something I usually talk about and true to form, I am not going to now, either. What I will say is, when someone suffers, they don’t suffer alone. Those closest to them suffer too. Generals would call it “collateral damage”; whilst I’d go with the old saying, “you only hurt the ones you love”. Saying sorry is easy; buying flowers, chocolates again is easy – well kind of because you have to actually enter a store to buy. The hardest part is talking at least emotionally. The hardest party physically is preparing a meal.

I am just about able to still cook which is a therapy and will continue to do so until… I am ready to talk!