A Little Northern Soul

October 12, 2023

It seems an eternity since I produced the weekly podcasts. One of my favourite questions for my guests was “what is your Deserted Island Dish?” At the time I was shocked by the popularity of the Sunday Roast.

In hindsight, yes it is a dish that is memorable from childhood and I am surprised by the amount of gastro pubs who’ve ’upped their game’ to produce a quality British stalwart.

Other favourites like pie and mash or fish and chips, take us to another time, if only for a moment.

Unfortunately you can’t “have your cake and eat it” on a diet, or that’s what the old philosophy was. Ryvita, plain cottage cheese and two pound of lettuce was the thinking in the 70s.

Lean meat, good veg and potatoes cooked with little to no oil, is the way. Add a little gravy and a few yorkies and the SYNs rack up.

Enter the SW Yorkies! Two SYNs each and are homemade. I mentioned Pie and mash. Two days of SYNs in 1/2 a Fray Bentos!!!!

So what if you really want a pie???

An experimental dish from my murky, confused and wayward head… “hotpot in the hole” or “Toad in the Pot” or “Northern Pie” a bit of Lancs and Yorkshire on a plate.

At 4 SYNs per 1/4 pan (see pic) I think have something special here.

Yorkshire pudding base, holding 5% fat steak mince mixed with red onions, caramelised in balsamic vinegar with a vegetable stock cube; finished with air fried flat chips.

A second stint in the oven will brown up the spuds. 

I’m quite proud of this one and can’t wait to sample with some steamed broccoli and whole carrots, with a little extra SYNs of GRRRRAAAAAWWWWWWWYYYY!

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