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  • Fly TheLatestSupper Economy Class

    Fly TheLatestSupper Economy Class

    Some travellers prefer to visit a place once. Some prefer the beach and others the interior. Some want a tan whilst others are culture sponges – soaking up as much as they can. I am a mixed bag of sweets. A true example of ‘pick ‘n’ mix’. I like to visit more than once and […]

  • Feliz Navidad

    Feliz Navidad

    I have spent Christmas at home. I have spent Christmas Day with family away in the UK. I have spent Christmas Day with friends in their homes. I have spent Christmas Day alone. What I have never done is spend Christmas Day abroad and with strangers – not until now! It has been 3 long […]

  • Burger That!

    Burger That!

    It seems a while ago since I last made a dish worthy of inclusion into the Pauper’s pantry, & purely by accident I come across one. You don’t have to be a financial expert or city bull to know the world has gone mad since the covid 19 pandemic. Food shortages, spiralling inflation, & fuel […]

  • I am the Law

    I am the Law

    The pertinacious words of Judge Dredd. A comic book character first seen in “2000AD” magazine and since appeared on the big screen portrayed by Sly Stallone and Karl Urban. My interest peaked along time ago, 40 years to be exact. Phillip Oakey of The Human League penning and including in their seminal album, “Dare”, his […]