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  • Fly TheLatestSupper Economy Class

    Fly TheLatestSupper Economy Class

    Some travellers prefer to visit a place once. Some prefer the beach and others the interior. Some want a tan whilst others are culture sponges – soaking up as much as they can. I am a mixed bag of sweets. A true example of ‘pick ‘n’ mix’. I like to visit more than once and […]

  • Feliz Navidad

    Feliz Navidad

    I have spent Christmas at home. I have spent Christmas Day with family away in the UK. I have spent Christmas Day with friends in their homes. I have spent Christmas Day alone. What I have never done is spend Christmas Day abroad and with strangers – not until now! It has been 3 long […]

  • Cheesy Zymarika

    Cheesy Zymarika

    Cooking in a foreign kitchen does present some obstacles, however, always cook within your own safety zone when entering a strange kitchen. That doesn’t mean you live on take out, beans on toast or Pot Noodles; it simply means don’t go for something that would be challenging at home where you have all your own […]

  • Back in the day

    Back in the day

    The way it was in the past, A long, long time ago, Before staff levels dropped, They used to listen to the radio, And listen to the DJ’s talk, About the songs they didn’t know, As if it really mattered. Hit-pick or phone-in show, I don’t want you to go tonight, Ten thousand watts of […]