The Leftovers – season 3

January 5, 2023

A number of years ago I wrote about a tv programme that basically dealt with those left behind during the The Rapture. That was part or season 1. Season 2 was inspired by my old friend Simon Cooper, who asked what do you do with the leftovers?

The truth is we have to be really efficient to home freeze and thaw and thus eat on a rotation or in a routine.

It’s something that comes second nature to professional chefs. This week has already seen me cooking Andalusian chicken, tapas dishes such as habas con mortally and my beef giovesti, which was last night’s treat.

To say I’m slightly tired and hurting is an understatement. It’s a typical opportunity to let others cook or if I can’t bear the thought of the mess caused by others, then I’m ready to order in.

Yes I’m a control freak and yea it’s have no intention on spending my hard earned on mediocrity.

I turn to the survivor of meat over the generations and produce my own “Duplex Pie”. A play on words from the cottage and mansion pie.

Simply layer thinly sliced potato with the sum total of the week’s left overs so far. Finished with more potato, grated hard Greek cheese (like manchego) then a grind of fresh pepper with a couple of eggs crack over the top and sentries of thinly sliced tomato standing guard over our left over feast. Add steamed veg cooked in a tagine and I’m hoping it’s four out of four in the “can come again” stakes.

All because we like to eat but not waste