Got any Salmon, sorted!

November 9, 2022

An early 90s reference in the title. A line taken from The Shamen to introduce my latest supper creation, pan seared salmon in a sweet Chinese glaze accompanied by garlic infused special rice served on a bed of blanched cabbage.

The Salmon glaze

Mix 1tbs of honey with 2 tps of dark soy sauce, then add 1tsp of Chinese 5 spice. Mix together before adding a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Have flaxseed or sesame seeds or poppy seeds on standby.

The Cabbage

Simply simmer whole leaves in hot water until they just start to wilt. The leaves need to be softened not soft. When ready remove from the heat and cool by adding cold water to the pan.

The Special rice

Place a cup of rice in a pan or microwave container. I choose a microwave soup warmer. I added a handful of basic frozen mixed vegetables and 3 clumps of frozen baby spinach. Cover with water then cook for 12 minutes (either hob pan or microwave). After 9 minutes stir and add garlic paste or purée.

Searing the Salmon

In a wide pan place a coating of spray oil, the salmon will give extra cooking fat. Using a brush, cover the fish with glaze maintaining a high heat in the pan. After a couple of minutes turning and reapplying glazing start adding sprinkles of seed. As the fish becomes noticeably cooked through, add the remaining glazing with additional seeds.

Plating up

Take the cabbage leaves and place in the centre of a large tapas bowl. Next layer a portion of rice to equal the length of the piece of fish at one side – you’re aiming for symmetry. Finally place the salmon alongside the accompaniment and drizzle over the sauce from the pan.