Now Tell Me What’s Wrong

August 16, 2023

If you know ABBA and the song “Chiquitta”, then you must have sang or at least heard, “Now Chicken Tikka tell me what’s wrong?”

For my LatestSupper I fancied something Indian, whilst the suggestion from “her-in-doors” was ‘simple salad’. I have never been described as simple and nothing I do is ever simple; but you know that already.

Venturing into the fridge I spied 3 skinless and boneless chicken thighs of a good size. My attention was also captured by the open pot of Quark. Quark is a fat free cheese almost “Philadelphia”. Its richer texture and subtler flavour over yogurt lends it self well to marinades. 

So, into a bowl went the quark with mild tikka curry powder, extra cumin, garlic granules, coriander, and leaf coriander, and a splash of lime juice. I sliced the thighs into manageable chunks before adding to the curried creamy mixture. No need for standing time so it was getting everything coated then turn out on to foil and make a parcel. I wanted the chicken protected from the high heat as not to dry out. 25 minutes in the airfryer at 200C then a further 15 minutes uncovered.

As for a salad all the usual suspects made an appearance. Chopped peppers, celery, carrot, tomatoes, peppers, red cabbage, fat free vinaigrette and… a cup of boiled rice. Everything was mixed and plated to make a deep bed for the chicken.

So tasty, so simple, so healthy & cheap!