And I only have eyes for you

February 18, 2019

Every adult whom has been around children will testify to the headstrong logic about foods that are disliked. The usual conversation goes along the lines of, “Yuck I dont like that!” The retort is “well have you tried it?” This is followed by an emphatic “NO!”

Most children do eat with their mouths and this is where the problem lays. Its not wholly the taste but the texture of the food they find off putting. Alas, with age comes experience, but childhood dislikes can take many decades to change, & some foods remain forever taboo.

The more we age, the more we forget to eat with our mouths & we begin to eat with our eyes. Presentation and the colours associated with the food make dishes appealing to us. Watch any cookery competition on TV, from Masterchef to Bake Off, and the judges enthuse about the look much more than the taste. 

My LatestSupper I must admit looked awful, but it tasted wonderful. A simple soup made from leeks, sweet potato, celery, carrot, parsnip and red bell peppers, seasoned with Cornish sea salt and thyme, cloves, mild curry powder, cumin and smoked paprika. All cooked in the soup maker on the smooth function with about 750ml of water; no added stock: made for a delicious warming soup for a dark winter’s night. The subtle aroma of the cloves filling the air, whilst the dance between the parsnip and cumin waltzed over my tongue in a show of perfect balance & timing.

Yes it looked awful, but tasted divine.