en los campos

May 2, 2018

Yesterday I travelled in land looking for a realistic España.

It’s quite a drive to the picturesque historical city of Ronda. You leave the motorways of the Costa and steadily climb on twisting roads through majestic mountains some 750 metres above sea level. Although only 62 miles from Málaga, it is a slow, mentally challenging drive.

Having arrived and parked in The subterranean car park, which incidentally, must have been designed to accommodate the turning circle of the Sinclair C5; fatigued, hungry and thirsty, I wanted a taste of real Spain. Fortunately I found Volapié – tapas bar and restaurant. I noted it was quite popular with the locals so I concluded I had found a piece of the real Andalusia.

Mamma run the bar, elder sister the kitchen whilst younger sister waited upon tables. Papa stood back completing paperwork and leaving his family do what they did excellently.

Having greeted each other with a friendly “Hola!” I delved into my surroundings with “dos caffi con leche, por favour”. A little while later two rather dainty yet strong white coffees appeared.

I ordered the Iberian meats and cheese tapas sharer which came with a small loaf of in house bread.

Another two coffees later it was time to utter, ” Senora la cuenta por favor”. surprisingly €20 and we were done. As I left I bumped into Papa who was enjoying a cigarette outside. I was compelled to compliment him on the meal – “Senor, excellente, gracias”, his reply was unexpected, ” de nada, mi amigo”, “you’re welcome my friend”.