Lady of Spain I adore you

December 12, 2018

It is fair to say when searching for a blog title which invariably involves references to popular music, literature or cinema, I would have to think of a song made popular by another Fisher, Eddie Fisher, when wishing to ponder anything that involves females and Spain.

The Lady of Spain I encountered, yes encountered not met, was sat on rocks facing the late afternoon sun in a trance like state. Her pose arguably was one of meditation though I have no idea what was her purpose, other than enjoying a little solitude.

Often when we view a painting or hear a lyric to a song, we add our own story. We have to look at our own experiences and in some small way, ‘fill in the gaps’ in the plot from our personal library.

Who is the Lady of Spain? What motivates her? Where does she come from? Where will she go? A story without conclusion. A tag line “Will not…May not…May…RETURN” at the end of the movie. A cliffhanger NOT TO BE Concluded.

My Lady of Spain encompasses the freedom to escape the ravages of the bleak mid-Winter in Wales. The opportunity to relax and recharge and find solace in the things that are simple in life; feeling the sun on your face, enjoying the solitude whilst meeting other travelers on this journey called ‘life’. To be released from the chains that bind: fear, negativity & persecution, taking the time to draw breath & experiencing, no, enjoying life, in its fullest.

Yes, Lady of Spain I adore you… you’re the mirror of my soul.