Run Rabbit Run

October 27, 2018

“Synonymous with genuine delicious food, friendly staff
and a welcoming atmosphere.” 

The above tagline is taken from the website of the fabulous “Victoria Restaurant” located in the heart of the bustling Bugibba Square, St Pauls Bay, Malta. 

Maltese cuisine is quite eclectic fusing the usual suspects of Italian, with British and American. Also there’s a hint of more Mediterrean styles such as Spanish and Portuguese. 

Vegetables are both cheap and plentiful on the island and so is chicken and pork. High end beef especially steaks are rare (no pun intended) and attract a price tag to match.

So what is the national meat? When I was here for a flying visit last winter, I was told it is rabbit. A meat that I have not enjoyed since I was about 5 or 6 years old, when my grandmother would make a delicious rabbit stew and then cover it with her own shortcrust pastry making a wonderful pie. I remember the inverted cup placed in the centre of the dish to prohibit the roof collapse.

I digress, sitting outside the Victoria last evening, watching the sun set whilst taking on board a long cool lager, surrounded by visitors and locals alike, enjoying the 23C plus heat; I can scanned the menu and found the ‘pan seared Rabbit’.

Oh what a joy! Feasting on the complimentary bread smeared with Balsamic vinegar & moving on to a second drink of a Caffi Morena Americano; I eagerly awaited the rabbit. I was not disappointed when it arrived.


Succulent meat served on a dressed plate with herbs and olive oil and carrot puree. In separate dishes chips and a light side salad. 

Antonio served me the last time I was here and we exchanged pleasantries whilst other staff enquired as to my enjoyment making for a real family orientated experience which was magnified in the faces of the waiting staff when they were told “Excellente!”

You can find Victoria’s at and you really should