A Candlelit Dinner

September 28, 2016

Open your homes to each other without complaining.

1 Peter 4:9 (GNT)

Tonight’s Latest Supper took me to the home of dear friends who practise what I preach. Keeping a welcome in their hearts and a chair at their table.

I arrived and we chatted and I tried to share the events of the last week. After some 20 minutes or so, without warning we experienced a ‘power cut’.

Torches were found, candles hastily lit and an overhaul of the evening’s menu. Pans of water boiled to make cups of tea and a delicious buffet of food was served. In Spain its tapas, in Britain a picnic, regardless of the name it was simply delicious and wholesome.

We ate and chatted by candlelight, laughed a little, reminisced of happier times, and looked forward to the future. No TV, no Phone, no Internet, just the company of friends, good fayre and the peace that comes from being in the moment with like minded souls.