Once Upon A Time…

November 8, 2016

Tonight’s hearty midweek treat was loosely based on a dish mentioned in the 3rd “Mariachi” movies by Robert Rodriguez, “Once Upon A Time in Mexico”.

In the movie the character played by Johnny Depp says he orders simple pork and rice in every cantina he’s been in looking for the best. He then proceeds, having found the best, to murder the chef!

I have had yearning for the taste of barbecue ribs lately; that hickory smoked sweet taste. So I wanted to make a simply pork and rice dish as in Mr Depp’s odyssey whilst having BBQ as the prominent flavour.


Pork chops or steak

Smoked Bacon

Red kidney Beans

Haricot beans



Traffic Light Peppers (Red Green Orange/Yellow)

A good quality BBQ marinate


Dice the pork & bacon. In a hot pan, flash fry the pork until it starts to brown, then add the bacon and mix. Keep the heat on until you see the bacon crisping and the pork fat brown.img_0004

Add all the other ingredients to a casserole dish, slower cooker or pressure cooker. When thoroughly cooked through (charred even) add the meat.img_0003

Slow cook for 3-4 hours or 25 minutes in the pressure cooker.

I served this with our favourite Wild Mushroom rice and toasted mini Tortillas. This an economical meal which produces plenty of left overs for the week or the freezer. I estimated 8 adult servings costing about 90p per head.

Piping hot on a dark cold November evening

What our critic said

“I give it 10 and 1/2 stars. Very tasty, very hot (temperature) & filling…would definitely have it again”