A Right Royal Mash Up

March 22, 2021

Do you ever just think of a dish and then a couple of sides, yet the sides don’t necessarily go with the main? I’m not quite in Heston Blumenthal or Dr Who (fish fingers & custard) country; although I’m quite close to the border.

I do have a love of Coronation Chicken. A dish made up to represent all the countries of the Commonwealth to mark the occasion of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953. Basically its a mild fruity chicken salad, and I cant get enough of it.

I made it up yesterday ready for tonight. Using a much lighter version, I have blended extra light mayo and fat free Fromage Frais, together with mild curry powder and… nectarines!

This isn’t the part where I roll my eyes! I need something to go with it. obvious choices used to be an Asian bread of some kind. I am stirring away from empty carbs at the minute, so wheat is out.

If I really fancied a baked potato & remembered a little recipe I came across before.

I have a 500g bag of small or salad potatoes and air fried them for 30 minutes. They are wonderfully soft and light in the centre, with a crispy-ness and that subtle sweetness only get from baked potatoes. They are good enough as they are. Unfortunately I am going to take a masher to them, a splash of olive oil, pepper, Parmesan and some Oregano and send them back into the air fryer, making almost loaded skins.

Culinary alchemy it is tonight bois bach!


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